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Human Growth Hormone - Defend Your Body From Many Diseases

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Human growth hormone also known as Somatrophin is a name of a protein, which comprise about 191 amino acids and it is mostly available at its higher level in kids and young people. This hormone works like a fuel in human body and it helps to conserve the tissues and organs of the body throughout the life.

Human growth hormone secrets by a pea-sized gland called pituitary gland. The amount of secretion of this hormone will start declining in every human being after 40's due to which the energy level start diminishing in human beings. This hormone is a largest protein based hormone secreted by the pituitary gland.

This hormone secretes at its peak during the period of adolescence. This hormone assist in the overall growth of our body. Commonly, pituitary gland produce this hormone in short bursts while we are sleeping. Human growth hormone is responsible for any kind of activity related to growth from childhood to adolescence.

Production of human growth hormone is a lifetime process and goes on throughout a person's life. But our pituitary gland produce this hormone exceedingly during the time of youth. Human growth hormone helps for maintaining metabolism and energy, mental and physical strength, healing, repairing tissues, and brain function. This hormone plays a vital role in almost all aspect of a person's life.

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Before the introduction to genetic engineering, this hormone was being extracted from the human corpses. The pituitary gland of cadavers is reused to create hormone to use in the form of injections.

Human growth hormone is useful for the growth of muscles in the short-statured people and children. Apart from this, this hormone is being used by athletes and sports-persons to enhance their performance and boost their energy level in multiple sports.

HGH plays a major role to stimulate the tissues and liver and it helps in secreting IGF-I which helps in bone growth with the proliferation of cartilage cells. It helps in stimulation of proliferation and differentiation of myoblasts. It also helps in amalgamation of protein in tissues and muscles and stimulates the uptake of amino acid.

Consequently, HGH plays an important role in secretion of lipid, carbohydrate metabolism and protein. In some cases, there is a clear prototype of the overall impact of growth hormone. It is considered to be the judgemental mediator as well as in few cases, it appears to effect our body in both way directly and indirectly.

The discovery done by Dr. Daniel Rudman in 1988 has proved that HGH can improve the health of elderly patients significantly by administering HGH in their body through injection. It helps elder people in reducing the feeling of depression, strengthen their weak muscles and after few months, it increase the elasticity and skin thickness.

It regulates the immune system by strengthening it. The immune system defend our body from many diseases and problems as it fights against the disease of cancer and many other diseases. Immunity can be improved with the help of HGH by reducing the risk of malignancy of cancer.

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