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Aging Associated Changes In The Body

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Ageing is an obvious process, which is not under our control, but we all want to prevent it. There are various body components, which act as anti-ageing agents, but their underproduction may lead to early aging. Human body is quite intricate with various balanced and complex chemical reactions that sustain life and growth. Here, we have discussed some of the changes that can occur in our body.

Memory loss:

With the increasing age, small changes in overall intellectual functioning begin to be noticed and when a person reaches the age of 75, cognitive loss is much greater in some people. As we age, the speed at which the neurons convey message slows down, so the information processing becomes less proficient over the period of time.

Cardiovascular problem: After the age of 30, lung capacity and cardiac capacity begins to decrease. This process is more rapid in inactive people. Albumin, a blood protein starts dropping, as we become older and the appetite is suppressed.

In older people, chances of side effects due to any medicine usually increase. The kidney and liver functioning begin to decrease as we age.


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When we reach the age of 20, our strength and muscle mass reaches the peak after it begins to decline. A person with inactive life style mainly faces this problem. Arthritis is a common problem faced during ageing, which makes turning, blending and standing up more difficult.

By the age of 40, the waist size begins to increase, as the muscles are converted into fat and becomes centralized around the torso. At the age of 60, the height shrinks because of vertebral compression caused due to gravity.

Heart Disease: Heart stroke and heart disease are both the manifestation of cardiovascular diseases. These diseases are caused due to the clogging of arteries with fatty acids and calcified materials. Researchers have found out some possible causes of heart disease are diet and cholesterol level, free radicals, insulin resistance, changing hormone level and sedentary lifestyle.

Cancer: As we age, our ability to fight these cancerous cells tends to eventually decline. The lifetime exposure to substances such as free radicals and cancerous radiations may play a role in its genesis. Researchers have revealed some clues as to why certain cells of the body begin uncontrolled growth and cause cancerous tumours. Genetics also play an important role in this.

Skin Hair: Our skin begins to wrinkle in response to weakening of the underlying collagen structure and loss of subcutaneous fat layer. Hair becomes thinner and begins to grey as well.

Vision and Hearing: Ageing also affects the retina and lens of the eye. The eyes begin to lose their ability to focus on the objects. At younger stage lens is clear and flexible at birth, but it begins to harden and grow yellow overtime.

Pathological changes: Many deaths occur due to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. Both these diseases together are responsible for one fifth of all deaths. With increasing age, chances of deaths increase due to heart disease, stroke and cancer.

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