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Growth Hormone And Its Effects On Ageing

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Ageing is an obvious process, which is not under our control, but we all want to prevent this. Various body components act as anti ageing agents, but their underproduction may lead to the ageing problem. Among these agents one of the body hormones responsible for checking the age of the people is the human growth hormone.

How Growth Hormone affects ageing:

Growth hormone is important for normal growth and development as well as maintaining tissues and organs. With the increasing age, production of Growth hormone slows down because the gland responsible for the production of this hormone becomes weak. GH is released by the anterior pituitary gland found in the lower portion of the brain.

At some point, the secretion of this hormone is stopped completely. Once the production of this hormone is stopped, the person will start looking old.

Ageing Symptoms:

A person suffers from various ageing symptoms, such as:

  • The most significant change can be seen on the skin of the person.
  • Skin gets thinner and becomes less elastic
  • Nails grow more slowly
  • The colour of the skin becomes dull and wrinkles starts appearing on the skin.
  • Hair colour also changes and some no longer grow
  • The person starts feeling weak.
  • He is unable to see properly
  • Sweat glands produce less sweat

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Supplements of HCG:

These days, there are various supplements and products available in the market that contains high HCG. If a person starts taking the recommended dosage of these supplements, he would be able to start feeling a great amount of change in the health.

Generally, people face some difficulty in buying the right products because there are many companies that have come up with the HCG supplements. Each product has different features, but sometimes there are some products, which do not fulfil people’s expectations.

This is the reason why, you need to do a lot of market research before making any buying decision. This can help a person in finding the best product available in the market. There are some products, which may be helpful for you in making the right choice.

The best thing a person can do is to talk to the physician and most of them suggest having the supplements. An expert can help you in knowing the best brand that is available in the medicine shops. A physician may suggest a person about the correct dosage of the supplements and the correct interval of taking the supplements.

You may also search over the web to find the best human growth hormone. Therefore, it can be said that finding a good supplement is not a big problem, as you just have to do little of research on the products.

HCG injections are becoming popular as supplements can help children, who do not produce enough growth hormone. Sometimes, these injections are also prescribed to young adults, whose pituitary gland surgically removed.

HCG supplements are also available in various other forms such as pills, capsules, patches and powders, which can be taken in the recommended doses.

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