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Facts About Human Growth Hormone Products

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Human wants are unlimited and the development of science has enabled us to fulfill a lot of these wants. An unscarred youthfulness has been our quest. Now, the same might just be possible through human growth hormone products.

Human growth hormone is popularly known as HGH in short. It can also be referred to as somatotropin. 

HGH is a substance produced by the pituitary glands that helps growth during childhood as well as adolescence. The HGH effect the liver and other tissues which promote insulin-like growth factor I(IGF-I). Blood levels of circulating IGF-I decrease with age or obesity. 

Researchers believe that human growth hormone products, now readily available in the market, can help in increasing energy levels; build muscles; improve quality of sleep, sex life and memory; enhance vision; restore hair growth; make the immune system strong and normalize blood sugar.

The unearthing of human growth hormone products has resulted in the sellers trying to profit from the sale of these products. They make huge claims about the effectiveness and speed of these human growth hormone products. It is for us to decide whether to believe their claims or not. A bit of research and medical advice might be helpful in deciding the same

human growth hormone products are usually taken in form of injections. There are other ways available such as pills, sprays and even homeopathic forms. These other forms of human growth hormone products cost less than the injection treatments but are believed to be far less effective than the injections. 

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‘Whether human growth hormone products are a breakthrough or just a hype’, has always been a topic of discussion. Some scientists through their research have questioned that if the HGH could be kept at youth level would it be possible to slow down the aging process or possibly stop it fully? 

This however has been a subject of controversy among the various levels of doctors. Some root for it while there are physicians who are totally against human growth hormone products.

The benefits of human growth hormone products might be real but they have side effects. It depends on the individual and their medical condition to decide whether the benefits are larger than the side effects
Initially, HGH was used to boost the height of abnormally small children. It has been proven through research that injecting HGH into children with abnormally short height can increase their height and is agreed to be a fruitful treatment for such children. 

Some scientific researches show that HGH can decrease fat significantly and so is viewed as a great benefit by many people. The data on the use of HGH on athletes is limited but a lot of research has been done on the elderly. The first such study was done in 1990. Results declared that it was beneficial to use HGH in the elderly.

Although there is evidence on the benefits of human growth hormone, many leading scientists have termed it worthless citing facts regarding its side effects. But on the other hand, people who have been benefited by such supplements would strongly disagree. Hence only the user of HGH can decide for herself/himself if it is worth the effort and investment.

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