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Anti-Aging Treatment-Human Growth Hormone Therapy

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Human growth hormone acts as a fuel for growth of human body. They are secreted by our brain itself which has this small nodule like gland called pituitary gland.

The secretion of the hormones is at a high stage during childhood days and reduces to a great extent as we start reaching the age of 40. With the growing awareness of this hormone, people have been taking lot of interest to reverse the situation of getting old or losing weight by human growth hormone therapy. 

Before getting into human growth hormone therapy, it is advised by all medical practitioners that you should be aware of the facts. It is essential and important to know who all need this therapy.

Research says that children who face problems like kidney failure, short stature, Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner’s syndrome and kids suffering from Aids need this human growth hormone therapy. 

It has been proved with lot of studies that inducing hormone inside the body through injections can help to increase muscle mass and bone density. These injections can also increase energy levels and decrease fats in our body. Human growth hormone therapy improves heart’s contraction and increase motivation levels. 

Human growth hormone therapy is gaining good popularity due to its effective results in weight loss and development of muscle mass. Though they have shown good results but they may result in side effects like headache, bloating, swelling, diabetes, and symptoms of arthritis.

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Since the usage is advisable for people having deficiency of growth hormone, healthy people might get some side affects due to its usage. The growth hormone is present sufficiently in the body of a healthy person so one should consult the doctor before using it.

Regarding any side affects, it has not been mentioned clearly as the studies are still going on to find the reason. The affect of human growth hormone therapy on normal person is much lower and short term as compared to the cases with deficiency.

In the internet you can find many websites and companies selling growth hormone supplements. But without knowing the facts about the company and their products, you should not start using it. Human growth hormone therapy gives good results when combined with exercises. Exercises can boost up the results of the therapy.

Human growth hormone therapy when used for children need to be given through the entire childhood. It needs to be monitored from time to time as there are specific doses. One can see changes after few weeks and considerable change in a year’s time for their children.

Human growth hormones were earlier taken out from human origins but later started developing with advanced DNA technique. In a peptide there are 191 amino acids which are responsible for growth hormones. When these chains of protein are developed through DNA technology, the amount is much more as compared to the ones generated by human sources. 

Since the human growth hormone therapy involves protein chains to enhance growth in the body, it is given in the form of injection by inducing it artificially. Pills can force the glands to generate more growth hormones but directly cannot substitute for the same. 

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