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Different Types Of Human Growth Hormones

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Human growth hormone is the main hormone, which helps in the growth and development. It is secreted from the anterior lobe of the posterior pituitary gland. It is known as somatotropin in medical terms.

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It is known as a miracle hormone due to its number of uses. It promotes the growth of lean muscle mass, tissues and regenerate cells. It also reduces the excess fat in the body by increasing the metabolic rate. It also enhances your energy level and stamina. These days, it is also used in the cosmetic products as it reverses the signs of aging.

There are various types of growth hormones available, which are used for medication namely


It is synthetically derived in pharmaceutical laboratory. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved it. It is used for those, who have under secretion of the growth hormones. It is administered by injections.

It is used to treat dwarfism in children. Individuals who have prader willi syndrome, short bowel syndrome and turner syndrome are also treated with genotropin.

Children and adults can opt for this medication under medical supervision. Regular checkups are recommended.


It is a growth hormone, which is used to treat minors and children with growth problem. It treats dwarfism as well as delayed puberty. It aids in the formation of bone density and muscle mass. It is to be administered under strict medical supervision. It is injected into the muscle layers, so that it is easily absorbed by the body.


Somatotropin is sold under the brand name of humatrope. This is used in both children and adults to help the normal growth of the limbs. Patients who have chronic kidney related disease are also given this hormone. It is administered in the form of injection.

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It is important to check the Insulin levels during the course of the treatment. Sometimes, an individual develops insulin imbalance. It can also interfere with the glucose level. Therefore, it can lead to diabetes, if it is handled in a careless manner. Therefore, routine urine tests should be done.


It is a human growth hormone, which was manufactured by the GeneScience Pharmaceuticals in China. It is a synthetically produced hormone. Once it is administered, it identifies the growth hormone of the individual and mimics it.

This hormone is mostly used for bodybuilding as it increases the lean mass of the body. It raises the metabolism of the body, thus reducing the fat.


It is has been derived synthetically by Genetech in chemical laboratories. It is mostly known as quick hormone injection, as it comes in a ready to use box. It is used in treating the deficiency of the human growth hormone.

It is highly advised to take it under strict medical guidance and observation.


There are various kinds of hormones available in the market. Different individuals need different kinds of treatment. Therefore, you need to undergo certain tests before the administration of the drug. You should not use it all by yourself without some professional help. You should order online for legal deals.

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