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How To Keep Yourself Healthy With Increasing Age?

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There are many changes, which occur in the body as we age and numbers of factors are responsible for this. There are many things, which you can do to be healthier and live longer. To live a healthy life style one should be free from the diseases that seem inherent with ageing.

There is not any magic formula that prevents ageing, but few things that can be done to maintain good health and slow down some changes that can occur. Given here are some tips for staying healthy as we age:

Nutrient Rich Diet: Diet is an important component to maintain good health at any age. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E containing food help to clean up the free radicals in the body, which are produced due to the metabolism. These antioxidants are present in fresh fruits and vegetables and other disease fighting nutrients.

Experts recommend eating least five servings of fruits and vegetables and they recommend including whole grains in the diet. Fibre rich food helps in preventing constipation and is important to include plenty of water to prevent dehydration. With increasing age, metabolic process slows down. Therefore, you need lower your calories to maintain your weight, which can prevent obesity associated disease and insulin resistance.

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Exercise: With increasing age, you start losing your muscle mass, which starts converting into fat and this problem is common among those, who are inactive physically. This loss of muscle mass can be prevented with regular exercise that include both aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise.

Aerobic exercise enhances the flow of blood to the brain, which will help in maintaining cognizance that decline with old age. Exercise also keeps you away from any cardiovascular disease and loss due to osteoporosis. It is important to realize that exercise is not only considered effective for preventing ageing, but also leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Stress Reduction: Stress is the main problem of the present lifestyle, which can cause depression and illness. Stress can increase wear and tear of the organs and accelerate the ageing process. To improve your outlook and feel healthier you need to learn stress reducing techniques. To reduce stress, you need to maintain a positive outlook. Hobbies, gentle yoga, meditation or prayer can all relieve stress.

Quit smoking: Numerous studies have proved the harmful effects of smoking. Smoking removes the vital nutrient from the body and causes arteries to contract, which may lead to heart disorders and lung disease. Most importantly, smoking affects the life expectancy. By quitting smoking, you can stay away from the health hazards, which leads to longer and healthier life.

Avoid Sun Exposure: Too much exposure to the UV rays can damage cornea and lens of the eye and can cause skin damages such as cancer. You may slow down this process by wearing a good sunscreen, protective clothing and UV filtering sunglasses.

Be social: People who keep themselves engaged in work or other activities and have a good family support can easily maintain mental keenness and lead a healthy life.

The above given tips increases the chances of a healthier body and mind at any age, so that you can enjoy your life more at any age.

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