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Human Growth Hormone To Enhance Your Sports Performance - Real Or Myth?

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It was after innumerable experiments and researches that human growth hormone was discovered as a secret to have a control on the aging process. People praised the researchers, and were glad to have found a secret to eternal youth. However, the most significant motive, in fact the only motive, behind these efforts on the secrets of HGH was to help those who get deficient of the hormone in their body and lead a miserable life.

Not everybody’s perception towards this discovery was right, though. Hence, soon there started incidents where people were trying to use it to enhance their sports performance. In case, you too have ever given it a thought, here is why you need not ever do that.

It is Not Going to be of Any Use, Anyway

Yes, it is quite common for most people to think that human growth hormone is going to enhance their sports performance. To an extent, it is also due to the influence of those companies, who usually advertise their product with the picture of great athletes and sports persons in them.

It is a fact that the hormone enhances your stamina and youthfulness. However, that in no way means it is going to enhance your sports performance in any way. It is true that there are few “sports-person”, who actually claim to have enhanced their performance because of the effect of the hormone. However, that simply means that he is misleading you, or he might have the placebo or psychological effect.

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If one actually starts believing that since he has taken HGH, he will run faster, then it is not true. You need to believe in yourself and have the confidence to actually perform well. You will give your best shot, without any illegal means, that is assured.

You Thought It Wouldn’t Be Detectable In The Doping Test?

A common misconception among sportsmen is that HGH is not going to be detected in the doping test. Hence, they try giving it a chance without any concern. Unfortunately, they end up getting caught, and even with ruining their career at times.

Yes, it is true that HGH is not that easily detectable like steroids. However, that does not mean that it is not going be detected at all. Today, there are advanced technologies to detect any trace of supplement or illegal means in your body. Hence, you better be safe than sorry.

High Dosage Can Be Really Dangerous

At times, many sports person do not bother about the legal restrictions and the fact that HGH is not going to do any good for their performance. Hence, they just go for it. However, there is a high possibility that they have taken a wrong dosage. In fact, only expert and experienced medical personnel can provide you with the right dosage as per your age, physical aspects, and many other factors. Remember! Even a little extra of the HGH can ruin everything. There can be numerous side effects including

  • Pain in your muscles, joints, nerves
  • Enhanced level of cholesterol
  • Numbness, edema, skin tingling, and a lot more
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