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Health Problems Due to Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

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Anything in excess or deficit causes problem for any human body. It may be cells, tissues, hormones or any nutrient. Human growth hormone is the key controller of growth system in the body.

It is secreted by the pea shaped small gland in our brain which is known as pituitary glands. As the name suggests, it takes care of bone, tissue and organ growth of a baby to growing children. When the growth of the child stops or slows down, doctors immediately check for human growth hormone deficiency.

Excessive or deficit amount of growth hormone results in lot of medical issues. It is generally noticed in childhood days as human body grows to youth during this time. Though the time is not fixed for such deficiency disease to come out but certainly it is visible in children.

Human growth hormone deficiency in children is noticeable when there is growth retardation. You can see secondary tooth coming out or may be delay in puberty and at times it comes as short stature. 

Children also face health problems like Turner Syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. Problems related to renal system also occurs due to deficiency of growth hormones. In case of new born babies there could be problems of micropenis or hypoglycemia.

It is of utmost importance to give the child medical attention and find out ways to induce growth hormones which are now available with medical experts. Not to be mentioned, doctors advise and guidance is very important.

But in case of adults, human growth hormone deficiency leads to excessive fat deposits. It therefore decreases lot of muscle mass raising an alarm for obesity. It can also cause problems related to heart like low cardiac output.

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Human growth hormone deficiency also makes the person slow and lethargic. There is no energy in the body to perform any activity or many a times muscle weakness. It gives rise to arthritis tendencies causing much pain to the person.

Other problems related to deficiency of growth hormones are loss of memory with impaired concentration, high cholesterol levels, and mild depression at times. It has been noticed that the mortality rate is high due to cardio vascular problem which occurs due to deficiency of growth hormone. 

One of the rare kinds of problem related to human growth hormone deficiency is congenital hypopituitarism. This disease can be genetic but requires complete attention in the neo-natal stage.

If not diagnosed on time it can prove to be fatal. Other secondary diseases related to human growth hormone deficiency are tumors of pituitary glands or central nervous systems. Overall it reduces the metabolism of the body. 

In childhood days the symptoms are pretty obvious because of slow growth of the body whereas in case of adults in becomes difficult. Once human growth hormone deficiency is suspected, tests like blood measurement of insulin like growth factor (IGF-1), MRI etc is conducted to be sure of the deficiency disease. 

There are injections available to overcome the problem of deficiency diseases. Also with increased technology oral pills are available to enhance the secretion of growth hormones.

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