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Human Growth Hormone Can Halt Your Aging Process

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Aging is inevitable, and nobody wants to become old. As time goes by, the bones weaken; skin starts to wrinkle, other body organs like the liver, kidneys, and lungs begin to falter. Also, normal aging will results in a decrease in bone density, increase in fat mass and decrease in lean mass.

Many people are not willing to accept that they are old without putting up a fight. But don’t worry, you can reverse the aging process and keep yourself fit and healthy thanks to HGH – Human Growth Hormone.

What is Human Growth Hormone? It is one of those hormones that are popular for their ability to reverse or decelerate the natural aging process. Produced in the brain’s pituitary glands, HGH boasts of approximately 190 amino acids. Once it is released, it stimulates the production of Insulin-like growth factor in the liver. HGH is also responsible for the growth of bones as well as body tissues. Simply put, this hormone gives you strength and vitality, as well as a youthful appearance.

Generally, HGH affects not just growth, but your body composition as well. Individuals with a significant deficiency of Human Growth Hormone emanating from the pituitary disease are the ones who experience decreased muscle mass and bone density and an increase in body fat – as already stated above. These adverse changes imitate the signs associated with aging. That’s why a person ends up looking older than they are.

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A group of scientists led by Dr. Rudman conducted a research search in 1990 which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study focused on the use of HGH to reverse age-related changes in healthy adults. Apparently, a small percentage of the older men who were given the hormone exhibited enhanced muscle mass and bone density, as well as decreased body fat. Occasionally, you will hear people say that the anti-aging properties present in HGH may help athletes improve their muscle mass – although the World Anti-Doping Agency banned the practice due to safety concerns.

We normally generate it while asleep. It’s one of the reasons why getting adequate sleep is so much important for your health. HGH production starts to decrease at the age of around 30 and slows progressively as you grow older.

Another benefit of HGH is that it boosts the immune system. It improves the size and the function of a vital immune organ, known as thymus. As you age, the immune system begins to weaken. Therefore, the HGH supplements are very natural, powerful and safe for strengthening the immune system. Also, it repairs the damaged immune system.

Skin wrinkling is often the first physical sign that a person is aging. HGH will reduce wrinkling of the skin and any other negative side effects of the skin that comes with age. It’s what you need to keep your skin looking not only beautiful but also a couple of years younger.

HGH also stimulates the production of your bone marrow cells that usually produce the red blood cells. There is increasing evidence that maintaining healthy levels of HGH results in a stronger heart. This means that individuals with heart problems may depend on HGH supplements to slow down possible chances of progression.

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