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HGH for Men: The Facts and Benefits

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For you to decide whether HGH is right for you, it is imperative to understand its facts and benefits. Being able to separate myths from facts is crucial.

What is HGH?

HGH stands for human growth hormone. It is sometimes merely referred to as GH. It is naturally produced by the body in the pituitary glands. Just as the name suggests, human growth hormone is responsible for the growth and regeneration of cells.

In the absence of HGH, the body cannot experience the increase in muscle mass and bone density. Growth Hormone also plays a critical role in the maintenance of health of all human tissue inclusive of that of the brain as well as other essential organs of the body.

Once it is secreted, the human growth hormone stays active in the bloodstream for just a few minutes. However, this does not prevent the liver from converting it into growth factors, with the most important one being insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) a growth factor that contains a wide array of anabolic properties.

The harvesting of growth hormone by the scientists started in the 1950s. However, the synthesis in the laboratories did not happen until 1981. The use of the harvested growth hormone as a performance-enhancing drug occurred shortly after the synthesis of the hormones in the lab began.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above associated with human growth hormone, there are several others, namely:

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Improves sexual functioning

HGH plays a crucial role in the proper operation of the male reproductive system as well as sexual maturation. HGH deficiency leads to weak erectile function. Due to the natural process of aging, the human body undergoes a couple of adverse metabolic changes.

Take for instance the case of the natural deterioration of the levels of HGH and testosterone in men who are aging. It has the potential to cause problems and issues linked to erectile dysfunction. HGH is also essential as far as men libido is concerned.

Assists in weight loss

Hormone replacement therapy of HGH goes a long way in assisting men to overcome obesity. Note that obesity or extra body weight has been associated with several sexual disorders ranging from erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and general performance problem. Obesity has also been said to promote male infertility as it impacts sperm count. Some men have penile size problems due to excessive pounds in matters weight.

However, what does HGH has to do with decreased obesity? Insulin resistance and abdominal obesity are a common occurrence in adults suffering from HGH deficiency. HGH treatments have shown to deliver positive results as far as eliminating obesity is concerned. A 9-month double-blind research study appearing in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and metabolism supports this claim.

The study involved 30 men aged between 48 and 66 who had visceral or abdominal obesity. A recombinant HGH treatment was administered. After nine months, a significant decrease in the abdominal and visceral adipose tissue, as well as diastolic blood pressure, was witnessed. The participants also exhibited an enhanced insulin sensitivity.

Typically, a healthy adult man produces less than five nanograms of growth hormone per milliliter of the blood in circulation. The level of growth hormone produced in the pituitary gland peaks during puberty and then experiences a sharp decline as a man enters his early 20s.

How does a person establish if they have HGH deficiency? Your doctor may perform a GH test out of his initiative (if he suspects that you have low GH levels), or at your request. A simple blood test is usually conducted although unlike the usual ones administered yearly, GH test requires that the patient fast several hours before the drawing of blood.

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