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Human Growth Hormone Responsible For Cell Production

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One of the key hormones that regulate lot of function including protein formation in our body is known as the human growth hormone. This hormone is secreted by pituitary glands inside the brain.

When we say growth hormone, the name itself suggests its meaning. Hormone which is basically responsible for growing age or youth, creating strength and energy is termed as the human growth hormone.

Studies reveal that the secretion of human growth hormones mostly happens after a person sleeps. Though the secretion is active all the time but during sleep the secretion is much more. Being a cell generator, the human growth hormone plays an important role in child growth. It helps children to adapt with the change in metabolism as they are growing adults. 

When we reach the age group of 30, we tend to see less of growth activity in human body. The reason is the human growth hormone becomes a little static after the growing age which is below 30.

But during youth one can see considerable change in terms of bones, muscles, cells and organs. This hormone takes all responsibility of repair system of tissues and cells. It also helps for brain functioning and most importantly enzyme secretion. 

Human growth hormone has functions like stimulation of insulin growth factor and also helps in stimulating the height growth factor in children. The stimulation of insulin growth factor effects lots of tissues in a different way.

It helps to increase calcium retention, and bone mineralization. Protein synthesis, immunity system and internal organ growth is also stimulated with the help of human growth hormone. Regulation of body organs relates to this hormone as it helps in fat loss but increase in muscle mass.

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Homeostasis is another important part of human growth hormone as it helps in adding fuel. It helps liver to promote gluconeogenesis, which can help the system to function during starvation or fasting. 

As growth hormone has benefits, similarly has demerits when grows in excess amount. First place it hits hard is the pituitary gland causing tumor. It may create problem like headaches or poor vision.

Excess of human growth hormone leads to damage of optic nerves causing impair vision. If the growth hormone is excessively present in a body for longer time, it starts thickening the bones, jaws and fingers. 

There are other problems related to its presence in excessive amount like weakness of muscles, insulin resistance or the sexual function reduces to a large extent. Similarly deficiency of these growth hormones also leads to lot of imbalance in the human body. Mostly one can notice the failure in growth during childhood days. 

Deficiency disease of growth hormone also relates to truncal obesity. It further reduces the muscle mass, energy levels and quality of life. Many a times it causes problem related to sexual growth. It can delay the sexual maturity and overall growth of a child during his transition stage to youth.

There are many remedies come up with lot of research and studies for both excessive and deficit growth hormone disorders and illness. One should always consult doctor for any physical illness to find the right cause behind it and stay away from further complications in life. 

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