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Human Growth Hormone

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Men and women always desire to be young and fitter. Due to this, the human growth hormone releaser has taken the drug market by storm. But before going to use, it is essential to know the different facets of it. 


Hormones are essentially made up of 191 types of amino acids, created by the endocrine glands. They help all our body’s activities like digestion of the food, reproduction, growth, sexual functions etc.

Human growth hormones 

The human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, located in the anteriour of the brain. Its secretion is at its most optimal level in an adolescent body. After that, its secretion goes on diminishing. Its secretion takes place during sleep, especially during the deep late night period.

The human growth hormone is responsible for the growth of the human body. Hence, as its availability stops, the human body ceases to grow. 

Recombinant human growth hormone

The recombinant growth hormone is created in the laboratory. Matches of all the 190 types were created in the laboratory and then synthesised to produce the drug, which has the exact chemical composition of the human growth hormone.

This human growth hormone produced in the laboratory, is called the Homatrope and many medical companies, manufacture them these days. 

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Effects of human growth hormone

The human growth hormone acts in the growth of the muscle tissues, strengths of the bones, the proper functioning of the brain. The general mental and physical health of the body is also dependent upon the human growth hormone. In other words, all the functions that go on inside the body are dependant upon the human growth hormones. 

Relationship of human growth hormones with age

As one gets older the level of human growth hormones goes down in the body. This explains why the body stops growing after a certain age. It produces only 25 micrograms per day in the eighties as against the figure of 500 micrograms per day in the twenties.

But research has shown that with proper maintenance of the body, the rate of decrease of this, may indeed, be checked. Research has also pointed out that the pituitary gland can also secrete as much human growth hormone in the late age that it was doing earlier. Only thing is, it needs proper stimulation.

The stomatotrophe cells present in the pituitary gland, which are responsible for the release of human growth hormones, still remain active in the late age as well. This theory is still to a large extent, remains in the realm of research and debate. 

Negative effects of human growth hormones

There are always the risks of side effects when there is any external chemical interference on the body. There are instances of unreasonable hair growth, enlarged breasts when there is maladjustment of the body to the injection of human growth hormones. 

The cost of the human growth hormones can also be prohibitive to many, as the cost may be as much as $20,000 to use it for a year. Also, one needs to have a prescription to buy the recombinant human growth hormone.

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