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Human Growth Hormone Treatments

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Human growth hormone is a protein hormone secreted by the pituitary gland located in the brain. It is also called somatropin. This growth hormone is responsible for the growth and regeneration of cells, tissues in the body. Now-a-days, therapeutic use relating to this human growth hormone is being done for health benefits.

Earlier on, with induced medication, the pituitary gland was activated to secret more of the human growth hormones. Of late, it is possible to boost them in the body through external supply in the form of injection.

Human growth hormones are responsible for most of the biological activities the human being takes up. Since their level gets decreased with advancing age, it becomes necessary boost their level in the body. 

Deficiency of human growth hormone in children 

Many children have retarded growth. The doctors prescribe the human growth hormone treatment for them. In almost all the countries, recombinant human growth hormone is administered though injection to them. The effect of this is that the children, who had otherwise a retarded growth, would start growing faster.

Their body fat also gets reduced, and their general vitality gets a distinct boost. But in case of children, the human growth hormone has to be administered through regular dosage. This might need to be done during the whole of his/her growing years.

In extreme cases, the dosage also needs to be continued life long and this has to be monitored by the medical expert with reviews of the dosage from time to time. This put additional psychological pressure upon the child.

There is not much high risks involved with this treatment of human growth hormone for children and hence there is also not much controversies regarding its use for them, unlike in the case of adults. 

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But the high cost of the human growth hormone injection may inhibit some persons. 

Deficiency of human growth hormone in grown up people

There is undoubtedly high benefit of using the human growth hormone treatment for old people, especially who are highly deficient in it. It improves the general health in terms of increase in bone density, muscle mass development, increase in the energy level etc. But studies regarding the mortality rate vis--vis use of the treatment of human growth hormone have not been done. 

In the case of treatment of deficiency of human growth hormone in adults, the dose is generally one-fourth the dose prescribed for the children. Still there have been controversies with regard to its continued use among the grown-up people. 

Human growth hormone treatment is also taken up for some other human shortcomings as well. They are tuner syndrome, where there is improper increase in the height, renal failure, Prader-Willi syndrome etc. 

Cases of dwarfism or bone dysplasia among children can also be treated moderately through the growth hormone treatment. But in this case, the result has not been very encouraging. 

There is hope that Alzheimer disease and severe forms of atrophy or shrinkage in the brain cells can also be treated through the administration of human growth hormones.

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