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Understand The Medical Backed Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone

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For the proper and biological developments in human beings human growth hormone plays very important role. In order to understand the importance of hormones you need to understand the basics and the structure of hormones.

What is the human growth hormone? This is peptide hormone which is made of proteins. Some of the benefits of this hormone are:

  • Human growth
  • Cell reproduction in human beings
  • The hormones help in reproduction of the humans as well as animals.

According to the medical terms the growth hormone is a single chain polypeptide called 191- amino acid. This hormone is generally synthesized, stored and secreted within the pituitary glands by the somatotroph cells. In this definition the somatotropin indicates the growth hormones which are naturally produced in animals.

When you consider the case of human beings the term somatotropin is referred as the growth hormone produced by the recombinant DNA technology. In medical and general terms it is known as human growth hormone and abbreviated as the HGH.

There are many prescribed drugs available in the market which helps you getting vital nutrients and minerals for the growth related disorders. Among the most popular drugs you can find the growth hormones or the human growth hormone which is prescribed for the growth disorders in children and adult growth hormone deficiency.

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In United States you can get this useful hormone in pharmacy which is legally sold all over and you can get this only with the proper prescription by the doctors. According to some of the reports nowadays most of the doctors are prescribing the human growth hormone in GH deficient older people in order to increase the vitality.

In spite of many uses and advantages there are still unknown functions of the HGH. With its energy storing characteristic this hormone is used by the sports personnel. The best characteristic of the HGH is towards promoting a constructive metabolism.

Here are some of the basic functions of the human growth hormone:

  • The polypeptide hormones are not fat soluble and they cannot penetrate the sarcolemma. In this condition the growth hormone puts its efforts by binding the receptors on target cells. By this function it activates MAPK/ERK pathway. With the help of this mechanism the GH directly triggers the multiplication of cartilage substance called chondrocytes.
  • The GH helps in stimulating the JAK-STAT thereby initiating the pathway where the production of insulin like growth factor takes place.
  • The HGH increases the chances of calcium retention, strengthening and increases the mineralization of bones as well.
  • The hormone increase the muscle mass
  • It also promotes the lipolysis
  • The essential hormone increases protein synthesis
  • The very important role of this human growth hormone is towards stimulation of growth of all the internal organs excluding the brain.
  • It plays a vital role in fuel homeostasis
  • Reduces the uptake function of glucose in liver
  • The most important factor is that it stimulates the immune system
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