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Growth Regulation With Human Growth Hormone Supplements

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Human growth hormone supplements play a vital role in the growth of an individual by affecting the metabolic rate. As we grow old, we can see the decrease in levels of growth hormone. This is evidenced by the graying or loss of hair, wrinkled skin, skin patches, and accumulated fat stores.

What is Human growth hormone (HGH)?

Human growth hormone is chemically called somatropin. It is a protein which comprises of 191 amino acids. All body organs function depending on this hormone. Somatropin is anabolic in nature and is produced by somatropes. About fifty percent of the pituitary gland comprises of somatropes.

What is its use?

Good height is necessary for a pleasing personality. Adequate supply of growth hormone gives a good height in children. Besides this there are many other effects of growth hormone:

  • Plays a major role in stimulating most of the internal organs
  • Promotes the function of gluconeogenesis in liver
  • Regulates glucose uptake in liver
  • Homeostasis condition is maintained
  • Helps to improve retaining calcium in bones
  • Synthesis of proteins is increased
  • Functioning of pancreatic islets is regulated
  • Helps to stimulate immunity

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Thus growth hormone affects almost all the internal organs, thereby increasing the usage of human growth hormone supplements.

Benefits of human growth hormone supplements:

  • Growth hormone brings back your lost energy levels
  • Skin tightening
  • Improves our immunity
  • Reduction in fat
  • The bad cholesterol which is called LDL gets reduced
  • HDL referred as the bad cholesterol gets increased
  • Increases the function of sexual intercourse
  • Gives your hair the natural color
  • Helps in elevating the mood
  • Acts as an anti ageing medicine
  • Helps reduce weight for people with obesity as a concern
  • In treating many diseases like failure of heart, multiple sclerosis

There are many human growth hormone supplements available in the market. We need to select those which help to release the growth hormone naturally in the body. They do not harm us and there will be absolutely no side effects. These natural supplements are inexpensive when compared to the HGH injections available in the market. Natural growth hormone supplements get easily absorbed and stimulate the hormone secretion.

We should maintain our body muscle mass. Use of human growth hormone supplements develops muscle mass and fights ageing problem. FDA has also approved these supplements. In United States, growth hormone is also given to cows for increased production of milk

There should be a balance in the secretion of growth hormone. It would create many health problems if the growth hormone is in excess. Excess of the hormone makes the jaw bones, toes and fingers thick. It can also result in weak muscles, sweating and reduction in sexual function. Thus excess secretion results in gigantism.

The human growth hormone supplements may take many forms as:

  • They can be as inject able HGH
  • Spray based HGH which is inexpensive unlike the painful injections.
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