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Everything About Human Growth Hormone Bodybuilding

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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a poly peptide hormone. It is responsible for the growth, regeneration and cell reproduction in humans and animals. It is produced by the anterior pituitary glands.

This hormone is also called Somatotropin because they are secreted by the somatotroph cells of the pituitary gland. It is a complex hormone and contains 191 amino acids and it is highly concentrated in children and young adults.

The pituitary gland is pea-sized and it is present in our brain. The growth hormone is one of the principal proteins, which is being secreted by this gland. The secretion of this hormone is at its peak during adolescence, which is our growing age and reduces as we grow up.

However, there has been a sudden popularity of human growth hormone bodybuilding, ever since more and more information about successful cases among children being treated by using this hormone came into light.

History of Human Growth Hormone

In the year 1956, Human growth hormone was isolated and in the year 1972, its structure was identified. It is a hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland during our sleep. In 1985, its synthetic version was released.

Effects of Human Growth Hormone

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As the name suggests, the major role of a human growth hormone is 'Growth'. It is responsible for the energy level of our body. It enhances the sexual performance, lowers the blood pressure, repairs the tissue, reduces body fat and gives a much younger and tighter skin.

In young children, it is responsible for growth and development. When the scientists realized it importance, it was then, they used it for treating children having stunted growth. HGH is injected in such children, so that they can have a normal muscle development for human growth hormone bodybuilding.

Symptoms of Deficiency

The deficiency of growth hormone may result in growth retardation in children. The symptoms of the deficiency in this hormone can be seen from the age of 6 months. Short stature and delayed puberty are other major symptoms in a growth hormone deficient child.

Human Growth Hormone Drug

After the importance of this hormone was known, it was then used as a prescribed medication. Athletes started using this drug to increase their performance in sports. Steroids, Androids etc are the growth hormone drugs taken by many of the sportsmen.

These drugs are very harmful for the human beings, but athletes are still using it to enhance their performance to achieve success. These drugs have a disastrous effect on our liver and they may also cause many deformities.

It not only has physiological and structural effects, but also psychological effects. Overdose of these drugs might result in depression. In 1980s, it was declared as illegal and was banned as many sportspersons used it to enhance their performance. The human growth hormone bodybuilding supplements were used as an alternative for the natural growth hormone.

Side effects of Human Growth Hormone

The side effects of this hormone are not many, but if any, then it can be very disastrous. The overdose of this hormone can result in serious disorders like excessive growth of hands, feet and head.

Excessive use of this hormone may cause diabetes or another disease called Acromegaly. There is a sudden increase in the size of the digestive system and organs resulting in the heart failure. The jaw, tongue, nose and other parts may become very large. Thus, we should not take such human growth hormone bodybuilding injections, and stay fit and healthy naturally.

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