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Building Natural Human Growth Hormone

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HGH is a protein secreted by the pituitary gland of our body. It is an acronym of human growth hormone. It is noticed that the optimum levels of HGH are found in the age group of twenty one to thirty years. These levels start decreasing with the age. We can see many ageing symptoms in our body parts like loss of hair, dullness of the skin or patches on it due to the decrease in the natural human growth hormone.

How is it useful?

Everyone has become conscious about their looks and personality. People of different categories have started using it to improve their abilities. It is available in three different forms which are:

  • Injections- Injections are considered the most efficient way of using the hormones and also are very expensive.
  • Sprays –these are cheap and easy to take.
  • Pills- these are also very easy to take but there might be a danger of buying a worthless one so make sure you do a good research before buying anything.

We can see that many athletes are also finding the natural human growth hormone useful to increase their muscle or body building. Sprays are proved to be much useful for the athletes to increase their muscle mass and decrease in body fat to maintain a good personality. You also find many HGH supplements available to boost your HGH levels naturally.

Uses of HGH

Somatropin is the chemical name of HGH. It consists of 191 amino acids. Pituitary gland creates the largest protein which is the natural HGH. Natural human growth hormone is the key requirement for the growth of bones and muscles. Below are some of the uses of the hormone:

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  • Helps the skin tightening
  • Maintains the natural hair color
  • Helps in weight reduction
  • Improved brain function
  • Increases the quantity of HDL which is considered to be good
  • Prevents anti ageing and increases the energy levels
  • Helps in strengthening bones
  • Reduces fat and helps in increasing the muscle mass
  • Improves our immunity system

Let us discuss on how to increase our production of Natural human growth hormone:

  1. Avoid eating just or after doing a workout: whenever we eat some food our insulin rises. We should not do any exercise or workout just or after eating something because when the insulin raises it slows the production of Natural human growth hormone. We should always give at least one hour gap after we finish the exercise to eat.
  2. When we go into anaerobic power level, we create some debt in the muscle tissues which releases the lactic acid. This acid helps in the additional production of growth hormone by minimizing the pH in the blood.
  3. Making sure we give a situation of fasting before we go to bed because if we sleep just after a heavy meal we tend to high rates of insulin which again reduces the rate of growth hormone.

These tips can be helpful in increasing the production of natural human growth hormone from the body.

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