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Secrets Of Human Growth Hormone Weight Loss

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What is human growth hormone?

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. This is a pea sized organ situated at the base of the brain. It is responsible for the growth and development of the body. Slowly the amount of human growth hormone reduces as the age advances. The reduced human growth hormone level results in reduced metabolism, low energy levels, and increased fat deposition.

As a solution, synthetic human growth hormone is administered through the intramuscular injection which is available only on prescription. But still it is not completely safe to take external hormones unless your body has stopped its production completely.

How the human growth hormone weight loss works?

The human growth hormone is responsible for the secretion of IGF-1 from liver. It is Insulin Growth Factor -1 prevents insulin, storing glucose in the cells and in turn prompts the body to burn off excess fat stored in cells. To adequate its energy demands, body uses the available glucose first and starts burning the stored fat. As the fat deposition in the body reduces it leads to weight loss. Decreased level of Human growth hormone levels increases the fat deposition in the body. Increasing human growth hormone levels is the great way of loosing weight.

Methods for increasing the growth hormone production in a natural way

Amino acids are the good way of increasing human growth hormone production.

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They are critical to life and has several functions in metabolism. It serves as a building block of proteins. From studies it is proven that amino acid supplements increases the level of human growth hormone which results in fat loss and improved lean muscle weight.

Deep sleep and proper exercise do a lot of good to increase the level of human growth hormone secretion. Growth hormone release is more during the first part of the sleep. Therefore getting proper good night sleep is very important. 30 to 45 minutes rest in between weight lifting exercises helps to maximize human growth hormone production.

Advantages of human growth hormone weight loss

From the study it is proven that the secretion of growth hormone is mostly occurs when one is sleeping. The human growth hormone weight loss virtually helps to loose weight without any special crash diet plans or without performing any exercises. In fact, weight lose happens while you are resting. Eating large meals does not increase your weight loss

Side effects of human growth hormone weight loss

In fact high amounts of human growth hormone can induce dangerous side effects. They are hypertension, diabetes, swelling and joint pains and others. Prolonged use of human growth hormone may hamper the body’s natural metabolism. And when the body starts sourcing its growth hormone from other means, organs may stop their natural production completely.

The human growth hormone weight loss requires strict supervision form your doctor.

Human growth hormone specialist also charge exorbitantly for the treatments. Therefore

it is also a big hole in your pocket.

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